Penlee Judo Club

What To Wear
Players coming to judo for the first time should wear clothes without sharp or hard fastenings.
We can usually lend the player a second hand judo jacket and belt to get them started. Boys do not wear anything under the jacket, girls should wear a white T-shirt.
Judo players should have bare feet, although a sock should be worn if the player has a cut or verruca on the foot.
Sandals or slippers should be worn to the edge of the mat
Long hair must be tied back with a soft band; No combs or hair grips should be worn.
Watches, jewellery and glasses must be removed before judo.

Judo Suits
The club keeps a stock of new judo suits in a range of sizes.
all at very reasonable cost.

For more information please feel free to contact the club

How to tie a Judo belt